Friday, June 19, 2009

Apologies for missing real comments

Most the comments I get on this blog are spam, typically for mail order viagra. I did miss several quite valid comments though, and I've just fished them out.

The blog obviously hasn't been very active. This is not because my fairly severe Peyronies has gotten any better. I don't think that's going to happen. It's mostly because my life is generally full of things that are either good or very demanding, and because there really isn't much new to say about this disorder.

I will try to catch up a bit more though.

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dougmartinmd said...

Sir -

I'm surprised you have not commented at all on the new therapy being developed for Dupuytren's and soon to launch that is similar to needle aponeurotomy but involves the enzyme collagenase to break down the fibrous cord (dupuytren's and peyronie's are both the result of excess fibrous tissue, which is made up of collagen.)

It may be of interest to you that this same therapy is being developed for Peyronie's. The company is Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, and I believe it's in Phase 2 trials meaning they will need to get a Phase 3 trial done before it can be approved (or rejected) for marketing by FDA. I expect it will reach the market. . . Something you may wish to look into if this is affecting your life. . . they may also be enrolling patients in clinical trials if it is in your area.